Blame on you!!!!

It is hard when what you are already deserved to do something but the thing doesnt go as planned. And the worst part is, i have to take all the blame. Why me???

You are the one who supposed to take all the reponsibilities but why i am caught by you? Why i am the black sheep? Why?

I am pained. Very tired.very lazy. I am stupid for knowing u. I am getting tired and exhausted. Is it it is the test for me from Allah. But why i am so frustrated? Why me? Why? 

I am questioned myself as i am not religious. Shame on me. Shameless. 

I am weak. Yet, i have to gained my strength, but i am dissappointed. I am veryy downn..downn to earth. May Allah help me. I am feeling like i want to change everything but the lame feeling coming again and as trying to tell me, you cannot changed. You are already evil..there is no turning point. NO!!!

But in my deep heart, i want to change. I have to change. I want to become successful so as no one can looks down on me.
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