Distress stress disorder~

Yeah..wahai feqh lughah..please be nice to me..please..i am begging you..i am having a distress heavy sindrom stress..huwaaa..and it is so much trouble for me..

Staying in front of the book for hours but not every single words go throuh to my head..ohh fiqh lughah please be nice to me..please...

The exam is just around the corner..and i hope this year i will pass with flying colours..ohh Allah..please help me..why the swinging mood come againn..whyyy???

To you, having u a blessing for me..but i dont know what is the problem..u make it hard for me..i will proof to you, i am the best among the best! I will not give up and keep struggling and fighting and reading..ohh yeahhh..

Ok bye.
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